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The Very best in Medical Supports Now for You

Medication is the only solution to fight physical pain? Surely not.Last example to date, a study unveiled by the Gallup site whose results, show that the daily practice of one of our talents or hobbies could be useful to us to abstract various ills.

Regularly indulging in a physical activity that excites us for a period of time could actually change our pain experience. According to the Gallup poll, 50% of people who have health problems and exercise more than 10 hours a day they love activity feel physical pain against 69% of people who practice these activities less than three hours.

A correlation found in healthy people to a lesser extent: 13% feel pain if they use their strengths for more than 10 hours against 17% if they do less than 3 hours a day. However you can find more now in

To laugh

Laughter can act as a medicine. In addition to evacuate some of our stress and burn some calories, laughter releases endorphins that have a painkilling action.

Stop smoking

A study of back pain showed that people who did not smoke experienced less discomfort in the lower back. Smoking has been shown to be a risk factor in the development of back pain and back disc problems.

Avoid stress

When we are stressed, our body responds in the same way as the pain: our heart pumps more blood, our breathing accelerates, our muscles are stretched. As stress increases, so does the level of cortisol in the blood, resulting in increased sensitivity to pain. Reading a book, running, taking a nap, everything is good to de-stress, even for a moment.

To sleep

It was shown in a study conducted in 2012 that sleep could lower our sensitivity to pain. In this study, 18 healthy people were divided into two groups. One group was sleeping 2 hours longer than the other. These people were then able to keep their fingers 25% longer on a heat source than those who slept less.

Swear like a carter

It seems that swearing would act as a painkiller. In 2009, 67 students were asked to hold their hands in a tub of cold water for as long as possible. It was reported that students who were allowed to swear held 40 seconds longer than the others. Nevertheless, it is not a question of swearing at all-va: it is the exceptional character of this crude vocabulary that makes it “effective”.


Choose what you eat

Food can have an impact on inflammations. A “Mediterranean” diet, rich in omega 3, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats could reduce the pain related to inflammation. On the contrary, consuming too much sugar, fat or alcohol could make things worse.

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