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Anesthesia Before and After: The Best Discussion

The patient after anesthesia is placed in the room for awakening, where he is under continuous surveillance of the professional staff, from the moment the anesthesiologist assesses whether the patient is fully awake and whether the vital functions are normal and stable.

Local / Regional Anesthesia

This type of anesthesia is also called “anesthesia of the surgical intervention area.” The medicine (local anesthetic) is injected directly into the field of operation or near the nerve that supplies the operated area. The best person to offer expert opinion about these matters is Dr. Narinder Grewal. Visit for the below matters about which we are discussing.

In this way it is possible to completely remove the sensation of pain, but at the same time avoid the administration of other drugs, anesthetics and analgesics in the blood, as well as their impact on the function of the whole organism. Unlike total anesthesia, during local or regional anesthesia, the patient can stay awake during the procedure, talking to an operator, and sometimes decide about the new conditions not known before surgery. It is also possible to enjoy the music of their choice using the headset supplied. If the patient does not want to listen or see what happens in the operating room, this is not the case with giving up local anesthesia.

Total Anesthetic

After administering the total anesthetic, it is possible to cause sleep in the patient with lighter sedatives, waking him after surgery. It is necessary to underline that the injection of the local anesthetic, in most cases, is no more painful than a blood test. The advantages of this anesthesia are numerous, but above all it is recommended for patients of advanced age, for patients with problems with the lungs and for most patients with heart problems. Patient satisfaction is noticeable immediately after the operation, as the feeling of nausea and vomiting is really rare and the patient can start eating and drinking a little from the operation. It is important to note that patients, with their behavior, contribute a lot to the safe outcome of the operation:

  • Before anesthesia they must arrive on an empty stomach, which means they must neither eat nor drink, to avoid the unwanted transfer of gastric contents into the lungs. As a rule, it is not eaten 6 hours before surgery, whereas drinking is not recommended 2 hours before. It is preferable that the patient does not smoke 1-2 hours before anesthesia.
  • Regular medicines should be administered by counseling with the anesthesiologist, but as a rule daily therapy is not interrupted. Your own medicines must be taken to the hospital in the original packaging.
  • These instructions generally apply when surgery is planned with local / regional anesthesia.

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