Eliquis and alcohol

Eliquis is a prescription drug that is mainly used to reduce stroke. It is manufactured by Bristol –Myers Squibb Company. Apixaban is the Eliquis generic. This generic Apixaban is an anticoagulant that has its trade name as Eliquis. Anticoagulant is a class of chemicals that prolongs the clotting time of blood by reducing the coagulation process.


On that note, the next questions that come to mind are “what is Apixaban?” and “What is Apixaban used for?” This Eliquis anticoagulant also known as Apixaban can be used for a lot of medical purposes. These questions will be answered when we look at some of the major uses of Apixaban as stated below :

1. It treats pulmonary embolism

2. It treats deep vein thrombosis

3. It prevents stroke

4. It also prevents blood clotting.


It is very risky if Apixaban is taken alongside other drugs or food. The following products/food can cause Apixaban interactions when taken alongside the drug.

They include:



·Heparin drugs

·Nonsteroidal anti – inflammatory drugs



Pregnant women as well as lactating mothers are advised to avoid taking Apixaban during this period.


People have asked a lot of questions in the past with regards to how Eliquis generally works but one of the important questions that necessitated an intensive research was “Can I drink alcohol with Eliquis?” Research has been carried out to show how alcohol really affects Eliquis and the results have not been a good one for users of this anticoagulant who also consumes alcohol. The following are the resultant effects that occur when alcohol is taken alongside Eliquis.

·Dizziness – there is an increased possibility of dizziness that may occur when Apixaban is used by people who love taking alcohol. As a matter of fact, a US report on worst possible drug reactions was linked to the use of Eliquis and alcohol at the same time.

Researchers have said that this is a very bad move to take.

·Purging – There is also a high possibility that you will purge for some days. Most times, blood can come out and this can go a very long way to reduce the amount of blood in the body. In some cases, people bleed to death.

·High chances of stroke – most people who take Apixaban alongside alcohol are said to increase their chances of getting stroke in the future.

·Kidney failure – there has been a number of reported cases where the kidney stopped functioning due to an interaction of Eliquis and alcohol.


Eliquis can be found in most pharmaceutical stores nationwide. There are a lot of government approved hospitals that also sale Apixaban or Eliquis in their pharmaceutical department. However, online stores are also sale Apixaban. FairPriceRx this is a large and online medicine store where you can purchase Apixaban as well as other European drugs at little or no cost. The good thing about this online medicine store is the fact that they can deliver the drugs bought to your doorstep in little or no time.


On a summative note, it is good to take cognizance of the negative factors that may occur when Eliquis is taken alongside other drugs or beverages. It is also important to know that pregnant women have never had a good history with Apixaban. Generally, the drug has helped to salvage a lot of medical situations which would have been detrimental to human health safe for the use of Apixaban.

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